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Day Tour Ideas For When Your Friends Come To Visit

If you are living away from home where all your friends and family live and one day they decide to pay you a visit, needless to say, that there is always a big expectation of you. Your friends and family may have never visited the country itself or they may have visited the country but have. Ever visited you in it. The moment you learn of their visit, its best and safe to say that you should probably start planning. Thinking that you will improvise as they arrive would, in turn, become greatly disappointing for them. So here are a few ways you can be ready for their visit to send them home happy and fulfilled.


Be Their Tour Guide

When your friends and family are in a foreign country and if you are the one familiar with the whereabouts of everything, then automatically you become their tour guide. The best thing to do in this case is to prepare a list of places you want to take your friends and family. For example, day tours in Melbourne or any type of day tours for that matter. Book early on and choose all the places that you would want your family and friends to visit. Once you book such a day tour, you are off the hook! You no longer will be the tour guide, all you will have to do is attend the tour with them.


You Are Their Entertainment

Even though to you it is simply someone visiting from home, to them they are on vacation and they expect to be entertained and their vacation spent well. They wouldn’t be happy with a quiet night in, ordering some pizza and watching Netflix in your pyjamas. They are going to expect some fun! So the best thing you could do is have a plan and decide for yourself the places you’d Ike to show them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take them out everywhere every single night, you can mix it up and show them the quieter side of the country as well such as taking them out for a picnic.


Take Them Out To Your Favourite Food Spots

This is another fun thing for you to do, take your friends or family that is visiting you to your favour eat out spots. Trust me nothing feels better than eating out in a foreign country especially when they are recommended by their closest friend. Food usually bonds people and having your family go out for a cosy dinner is an excellent way to bond after the long separation. Coffee dates are also another excellent dining experience. If you don’t want to go out for something serious like dinner, go for a coffee. Choose a nice homey and cosy little café – this could easily be the café that you visit the most and spend most of your evenings at – and have spent the evening drinking a nice cup of coffee with some delicious cake. In doing this, you are essentially exposing them to your regular lifestyle.

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