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Basic Oral Hygiene Facts To Know While You Travel

You might be under the impression that brushing your teeth once or maybe even twice a day is enough basic oral hygiene to get you through the entirety of your life. However, what you might be unaware of is the fact that’s there’s more to looking after your teeth and mouth than brushing it vigorously. There are intricate details involved and by following them you will be able to avoid bigger problems in the future. The following are a few tips on what you can do to improve your oral care.

Brush Twice

This is still the most important and vital part of maintaining your dental hygiene. Always make it a point to brush once after you get up and once before you go to sleep. Make sure none of these is rush jobs, just swiping your brush over your teeth once or twice before you rush off to work or you’re too sleepy to do a proper job out of it. The entire point of this exercise is for it to be thorough so that the risk of your oral hygiene declining is lowered significantly. Take a couple of minutes to go through it and make sure your tongue is included in the brushing.

Proper Technique

You might have not been aware of the fact that there is a proper technique to brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth a certain way guarantees that you achieve the maximum out of your brushing while avoiding accidents like wounded gums.  Hold your brush in an angle that lets you reach the teeth at the back when brushing. You should brush in light circular motions along your gums. Don’t rush it and don’t exert too much force and that can end up bruising your gums and making them bleed. Brush lightly and effectively, both the inside and outside of teeth. As mentioned before, make sure you include your tongue when brushing. Practice this properly and you will see results of teeth whitening Sydney.

Proper Equipment

Make sure you use the proper equipment when taking care of your teeth. Use toothpaste that’s fluoride-based and as for your toothbrush, it’s very important that you pick one that you’re comfortable with. Of course, you can’t check this before buying the toothbrush but even if you make a disagreeable purchase and it feels rough against your gums to make sure you immediately replace it with a new brush. Your gums should never suffer the consequences of a bad toothbrush. It should feel soft, comfortable and easy to brush with.

Replace Your Equipment

Each one of us automatically replaces our toothpaste once it runs out. What most of us don’t do however is pay the same courtesy towards our toothbrushes. This can be quite the mistake on our parts even if we religiously continue brushing our teeth twice a day, the effectiveness takes a hit when you’re using a brush that’s more than a couple of months old. Make sure to replace your brush every two to three months to retain its efficiency.


This is the final step to maintaining good oral care. Flossing is important because it cleans out the places that brushes can’t reach. So make sure you floss daily before or after brushing.

These are a few tips on how to maintain basic oral health. For more information do more thorough research on the matter.

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